Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It is simple to know you 

     All I do is look around in the spring and it is simple to know you. For too long have I let wisdom occupy my thoughts with no regard for the results of my meditations. I did not realize being young at the time that I would have to move with these seasons of flowing into and out of form. I would call this a child's mistake but children are much more aware of these kinds of things on a very basic level of understanding. I asked every question did I not. I asked so many questions that in itself they began to overflow as the answers poured forth in form. Still this was an intellectual form and not resplendent with your beauty that I now hunger for in the deepest part of my soul. When I sing to you I feel you. When I think of you I feel you. When I love you it is beyond the words that I can say. The best I can do is that it is like the experience of coming home after a long and fruitful journey. The welcoming I am feeling is exactly like this.
     I remember seeing you in the middle of a flower. Never before or since have I seen such an amazing sight. It was amazing because it made sense. You formed yourself out of the essence of the richness of the flower. You remained while I looked and did not go away. Then you were gone and yet you returned as I thought you would. It is now that I look to thee in my contemplation for the things that I want to do are only possible with you and your abundance which overflows into my life.
     Forgive me for my attention has wavered being a part of this world it has taken all of my strength to see past the illusions everyday. I realize that what I call God is simply another side of you. It is the initiating part that sends the visions so that you in your giving forth can reveal these visions one by one to my eyes. The truth is you always reveal these visions but I am not watching or I am still trying to make new visions. What I commit myself to watching for is you in all things. In my writings of Thought Into Form I concentrated so much on thought and very little on form or the feelings of form. It was important in this way to know the God that was placed in front of me as a mystery by some and as a special kind of entity by others. In this God I found a constant stream of wisdom. Yes I love this wisdom. It is pure and full of light making connections all along its way. I was dazzled by this light and went after it with a zeal born of my need to understand, to make these concepts my very own. I learned how to make myself open to the energy that resides in wisdom and to become a voice for that energy. I now dedicate this same fervor to knowing you, Goddess, in all that you represent and in every situation that I find myself in.
     Let Wisdom then be my introduction to you and let my heart open wide to receive you in your fairest array. Change my perception to see your abundance in the images now turned in forms, the thoughts now turned into actions, and the dreams now transformed into truths.
     I have certainty that by calling you I will see you and see you again and again. This is because of the waking vision I had of you and the clarity and the feeling of rightness about seeing you that time. I do not want to let go of you ever again. My life and all its dedication are conveyed to you. This is as it has always been since ever I can remember the consciousness of who I am.


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